JPresta Cache Warmer

You can find your invoice in your JPresta account in the "Order history and details" menu.

If you don't see it make sure you registered an address in your account so the invoice can be generated.

Unable to get cache-warmer informations from the shop (maybe the module is disabled or uninstalled): Read timed out

If you see this error in the log of the cache-wamer, that means there is a timeout when the cache-warmer retrieves the pages to warm up. To avoid this timeout, in the configuration of Page Cache Ultimate, click on "Advanced mode", then in the menu on "Options" and set a lower value for "Max execution time in seconds".

Warmup duration depends on 3 factors:

  • The number of pages to generate: the first warmups generally contain a lot of pages, which is normal, and this number will decrease with each warmup
  • The maximum number of bots you've defined: this is 30 by default, but you can reduce it to 5 bots to lighten the server load, but this obviously extends the time of each warmup
  • Page TTFB without cache: if server response time is long without cache (> 3s), you may need to analyze Prestashop's slowness

Cache-warmer bots are probably considered as SPAM bots by your hosting provider. To make it work, you need to indicates in the settings of your hosting provider that the user-agent "JPresta-Cache-Warmer" is allowed.

Compared to the number of products and categories you have, you didn't think you'd have so many pages to generate, and that's normal!

The cache-warmer will generate the pages of your Prestashop store in different contexts. For example, you'll have one context for cell phones, another for computers, one for visitors and another for connected customers, and so on.

So the number of pages is multiplied by the number of contexts.

If your subscription includes only one warmup, then yes, you can specify the time of the warmup.

If your subscription package includes several warmups, then you can specify the start time of the first warmup, and subsequent warmups will be run at regular intervals.

JPresta-Cache-Warmer uses Amazon servers (AWS) to ensure a stable and efficient service regardless of the number of subscribers. 

If you want cache-warmer robots not to be banned by your hosting provider then you must authorize requests from the following IPS : and

When using native Prestashop statistics, to avoid the cache-warmer to be included into the statistics just add this override in /override/classes/Connection.php:

class Connection extends ConnectionCore
  public static function setNewConnection($cookie)
      if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])
          && preg_match('/JPresta-Cache-Warmer/i', $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])) {
          // This is the cache-warmer : don't log connection
          return false;
return parent::setNewConnection($cookie);