Modules and themes for a high performance Prestashop

Your Prestashop is slow , your online store has a bad Google Pagespeed Insight score, you want to optimize Prestashop loading time? That's also what we want that's why we designed optimization modules and a theme respecting the new Core Web Vitals initiated by Google. Your users will be happy and your SEO even better!

How to improve Pagespeed Insight score

Prestashop modules
Speed Pack (Page Cache Ultimate + WEBP + SQL Profiling + Database cleaning)
The speed of a web page depends on the response time of the server but also on the display time in the browser. To get an idea of the display performance of your store you can use tools like Pagespeed Insight or GT Metrix, which give you a score based on many criteria. Among them there are :

  • lazy loading of images
  • next generation format of images (How to choose your Prestashop WEBP compression module? )
  • compression and concatenation of CSS files (CCC option)
  • compression and concatenation of Javascript files (CCC option)
  • enabling GZIP for HTML, Javascript and CSS
  • image sizing in HTML (define width and height)
  • font display
  • and much more!

Many of these optimization criteria depend on your Prestashop theme but some of them can be corrected with JPresta Speed Pack which includes Page Cache Ultimate.

Unlike many other Prestashop WEBP modules, JPresta Speed Pack compresses all images hosted on your server, whether they are from the theme or other modules. The compression is done at the very first image upload, so there is no long processing phase before it is effective.

How to improve Prestashop response times

Prestashop modules
Page Cache Ultimate
Page Cache Ultimate is our first module, the one with which everything started. Keen to offer sites with very fast page display we created this cache module to reduce TTFB, otherwise known as server response time for the HTML page.

The speed optimization found is on average 80% with our customers (1st byte response time or TTFB). 

With more than 8 years of experience and installed on more than 5000 stores the module benefits from an unmatched and indispensable know-how. Indeed, saving page content in files is simple, but managing all the contexts that can exist on a Prestashop store is very complex! Il y a des différences de contenu en fonction des groupes d'utilisateurs (anonymes, connectés, VIP), des taxes à appliquer, des données stockées dans les cookies internet (RGPD), des appareils (mobile, tablette, ordinateur), des langues, etc.

Since 2013 the PHP code (standard, no extension required) of Page Cache Ultimate has reached great maturity and stability. It works on any hosting, even shared. All essential features are provided and you can even attach the module to our Cache-warmer service. This is a paid service that allows you to crawl your site to generate page caches so that visitors never come across a page where the cache is not available.

An optimized and easy to use Prestashop theme

Prestashop themes
JPresta Origin
Since the vast majority of optimizations and Core Web Vitals to be implemented must be done in the theme, we developed our own!

Optimized for speed and SEO, JPresta Origin, and all its variations, is an easily configurable Prestashop theme and "developer friendly" meaning agencies love it. The PHP code and templates are clear, commented, easily customizable.

Don't spend hours finding configuration options anymore, they are accessible directly on your store with our online editing tool (no, it's not Elementor). Drag and drop modules/widgets, edit your templates in one click and view your changes live!

Our latest videos

SQL Profiler module
This Prestashop module is a tools to find slowness of your store. It profiles SQL queries executed in the shop and in the admin part. It will find why your Prestashop is slow in seconds and gives you tips to fix the problem! It has almost no impact on visitors so you can use it on a live shop.
Probably the best WEBP module for Prestashop
This Prestashop WEBP module compresses instantly ALL images of your shop, without long processing and without external subscription. Compatible with all browsers and CDNs. Dramatically reduces loading time, especially on mobile. Auto-configuration, just set the desired quality.
Page Cache Ultimate v8
This version 8 of the Prestashop Page Cache Ultimate module will considerably increase the speed of your Prestashop store! The response time of the server (TTFB) will drop below 200ms or even 100ms, it is close to the TTFB of a static file!