A cache-warmer to generate the Prestashop cache

To speed up your Prestashop store you have installed our cache module Speed Pack (Page Cache Ultimate + WEBP + SQL Profiling + Database cleaning) or Page Cache Ultimate which reduces response times and this is very good!

Now you want even more because when the cache is not available, the page renders as slowly as before; then the cache-warmer/generator is your friend!

JPresta Cache Warmer is a service that creates bots to crawl your site so that the cache is available when real visitors view your store pages. It was specially designed for Prestashop stores and works with Page Cache Ultimate.

Generates cache for mobile and many more...

Unlike a script you could write with tools like WGET, our cache generation service will be able to simulate all browsing contexts:

  • visitor on mobile or computer
  • anonymous visitor, logged in or belonging to a particular user group
  • visitor from a specific country
  • visitor who accepted cookies or not
  • visitor speaking english, french or another specific language
  • visitor preferring a specific currency

Targets pages that have no cache

Our service works with Page Cache Ultimate, it will only generate the cache of pages that do not have one or that will expire in less than 24 hours. This asset makes it possible to reduce the duration of warmups as much as possible.

An automatic configuration to simplify your life and have an optimal configuration of the service

The contexts to generate are automatically selected based on your store's statistics. The service will prioritize the contexts most used by your visitors but also by search engines in order to optimize SEO (the crawl is faster and therefore the indexing is better).

An intelligent algorithm to avoid overloading your server

The algorithm will adapt the number of robots according to the response time of your server. If he notices too much of a drop in the TTFB then he reduces the number of bots. You can also limit the number of robots in the service configuration.

Receive an alert if your store is in error!

Depending on your subscription, you benefit from the service for checking the status of your Prestashop store. This feature checks that your store is running smoothly and fast. You'll receive an email if something goes wrong so you're always up to date on the status of your store.

The cache is periodically purged/cleaned

All subscriptions include automatic cache purging. Purging removes cache for pages that no longer exist or whose context no longer exists. This does not affect cache performance but reduces disk space consumption and database size.

Periodic database cleaning

Depending on your subscription and if you use the all-in-one Prestashop module JPresta Speed Pack, periodic database cleaning will be performed. This feature can be disabled but is strongly recommended as it helps lighten the database; very often the Prestashop back-office (admin) is slowed down by overly voluminous log or connection tables!

A monthly PDF report

Depending on your subscription you will receive a PDF report every month including statistics on the cache-warmer, status and speed of your store.


Here are the subscription plans available with their prices.