JPresta O'Deco

This theme is perfectly suited for selling products such as:

  • interior decoration: decorative objects, art, lamps, lights, chandeliers, mirrors, etc. 
  • garden furniture: garden furniture, hammocks, deckchairs, etc.
  • home furniture: tables, chairs, buffet, and other furniture
  • kitchen accessories: utensils, pots, pans, cutlery, glasses
  • living room: sofa, armchairs, coffee tables, etc.
  • bedroom: beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers, mattresses, bedside tables, etc.       

It is a variant of JPresta Origin theme optimized for a very fast display thanks to the Core Web Vitals support. This responsive theme will adapt to your brand thanks to its online configuration editor with a live view of the changes! No need to search for options for hours, you can access them directly from the store, just like on Wordpress.

Place your widgets with a drag and drop directly into the hooks! And yes, we are talking about Prestashop widget in Prestshop hooks, the theme does not use a specific page builder, it is built to respect all the standards of the platform.

Need to modify a template? Do it online with our template editor, the theme will create a copy of the file in the child theme, also created automatically. It's fast and in addition you respect the Prestashop recommendations.

Millions of possible combinations to create a store that suits your image!

Demo store

To test the live configurator use these crendentials: / demodemo

Preview Live configurator

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100% secure payments


Optimized for Google Core Web Vitals

With each update we check that the theme respects Core Web Vitals and keeps a very good Pagespeed Insight and GT Metrix score close to 100%. This is the main reason why we developed it: to be and stay the fastest Prestashop theme!

Drag&drop widgets in hooks

Drag and drop Prestashop widgets directly into the hooks, where they should be displayed, how could it be easier?

Unlike many themes that use page builders, our Prestashop theme uses standard hooks, this will make your store more easily maintainable, any developer working on Prestashop will be able to intervene quickly if needed. It also allows to be compatible with all Prestashop modules.

A complete configurator directly accessible on the store

It looks like Elementor but it's not Elementor, we prefer to have the hand on the generated HTML code so that it is optimized and respect the "Core Web Vitals".

Edit templates quickly and securely

We like it fast, both for the store and for the development of the site! That's why we've implemented a template editor to make it easier for developers to work with templates. The editor automatically copies the template in the child theme, so it's faster and it forces to respect Prestashop recommendations and good practices.

Use Short Codes to insert content easily

The principle is simple but so powerful! Insert a few keywords in any text and it will be replaced by a link to a product or a category, by a product thumbnail, by a Youtube video, so effective!

Insert content (HTML) anywhere

Thanks to our "anywhere" module system you can insert the same module several times in the same hook. With the "Content anywhere" module you can insert text, images, HTML in any hook, as many times as you want.

Insert lists of products, categories, brands, etc. anywhere

With our "List anywhere" module you can insert a list of products, categories, brands, etc. as a grid or carousel in any hook, as many times as you want.

A theme that developers love

Everything is done to make integrators/developers/agencies life easier. The code is clean, commented, all Prestashop standards are respected, no frills, just the essentials.

Product Details
Minimum required version of Prestashop
 1 year
You get technical support by email during this period
 1 year
You have access to all updates during this period
You are allowed to use the module or theme on one Prestashop Instance (even with multishop enabled) in production and one instance in test.