How to install Cookiesplus and Page Cache Ultimate together?

Both modules override the same functions in Hook.php so here is how to make it work:

  1. disable both modules
  2. enable Page Cache Ultimate (or Speed Pack) module
  3. in file /override/classes/Hook.php rename functions "coreCallHook" by "coreCallHookPageCache" and "coreRenderWidget" by "coreRenderWidgetPageCache"
  4. enable cookiesplus module
  5. Reload the file /override/classes/Hook.php
  6. in function coreCallHook, replace "parent::coreCallHook" by "self::coreCallHookPageCache"
  7. in function coreRenderWidget, replace "parent::coreRenderWidget" by "self::coreRenderWidgetPageCache"

Once done, you cannot disable one of these modules or you will have to perform these steps again.