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Page Cache Standard

Reduce loading time of your shop in optimal way with this full page cache!

Go from some seconds to some milliseconds and get more happy users!

The strategy of our module is to cache the whole page so it's very fast!

  • Caches from server side
  • Also works for logged in users
  • Satisfied or refunded (30 days to test)

(European VAT not applicable)


Already installed on more than 1000 stores!

Merchant Benefits

  • Increase your sales
Several studies show that, the more your site is slow, the more netizens want to leave and not return. This is directly related! 
  • Improve your SEO
Since 2010 the position in search results of Google (and probably other search engines) takes into account loading time of pages. This means that if your site is slow, Google may place your page to lower positions and let the first ones to the fastest sites that may be your competitors.
  • Save on your hosting solution 
Cache decreases consumptions of CPU, RAM and database connections so you can choose a lower pack or you can decrease resources allocation in your hosting provider.


  • Add full page caching on server side to following pages: Home, Categories, Products, CMS, New products, Best sales, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Contact form, Prices drop, Sitemap
  • Cache can be configured for each type of page (enable/disable, timeouts on server side, duration on browser side)
  • Modules that depends on user informations can be displayed with ajax request, you just have to configure this in module configuration page.
  • To measure and test this module performance you can display statistics and information on pages if you activate it
  • Cache is refreshed when you do modifications in backoffice. You can tune this as you want.
  • A table display the 100 most viewed pages of your site and shows you the cache hit percentage. This percentage represents resources consumption that this module save you.
  • This module is compatible with CloudCache and other CDN
  • This module is compatible with multiple stores

Customer Benefits

Saves time and provides ease of navigation that will allow users to view more pages and products, and give them confidence to make their selection.

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Product Details

From Prestashop
Trial period
30 days to test, if you are not satisfied you are refunded
You are allowed to use the module on one Prestashop Instance (even with multishop enabled) in production and one instance in test.


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